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Letters Against Isolation


Are you passionate about spreading joy and brightening someone's day? Do you have a knack for writing heartfelt letters? Join our dedicated team of volunteers and make a meaningful difference in the lives of seniors in aged care homes in the area and across Canada.  



We're an all-volunteer organization that mails cheerful, personal, handwritten letters and cards to elders in care facilities and senior programs. Since April 2020, tens of thousands of volunteers have sent nearly one million pieces of correspondence in 30 languages!


  • A chance to make a direct and positive impact on the lives of seniors.
  • Flexibility to volunteer from anywhere, anytime, year-round as an individual or with a team.
  • A special program to verify service hours for students and professionals seeking community service credits. (Separate registration is required.)
  • Tips and guidance for crafting personal and meaningful letters available on our website and social media platforms.
  • An inclusive environment where volunteers are encouraged to share their own uplifting stories and experiences without making assumptions about the recipient's background or abilities.
  • All ages and abilities are welcome! 


  • Join our team of volunteers and commit to writing letters on an ongoing basis.
  • While handcrafted cards are welcome, they are not required; your handwritten message is what matters most.
  • We encourage volunteers to limit affirmations and focus on sharing a bit about themselves to make each letter unique and special. Seniors tell us that these personal stories their favorite part of the letter!
  • Avoid sensitive topics such as religion, holidays, health and politics.
  • Our partner facilities in Canada are requesting letters in 10 different languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian.
  • Create a group activity for your friends, coworkers, students or club members.
  • Partner with a public library to host a letter-writing event.


  • Make a direct and tangible difference in the lives of seniors who may be feeling isolated or lonely.
  • Contribute to a positive and inclusive community dedicated to spreading kindness and compassion.
  • Experience connection and satisfaction that comes from knowing your words have the power to bring joy and comfort to someone you've never met.


  • Register on our website as an individual, student, or group to receive our weekly newsletter with updates and access to our web portal. 
  • STUDENTS: Please complete the separate student registration using a personal email address. 
  • Write some friendly letters. When you're ready to mail them, log into our web portal and choose a destination facility.
  • Find us on social media: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook.

Join us in spreading kindness and smiles to senior citizens. Your words will make all the difference!

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Letters Against Isolation

We are seeking volunteers to reach out to individuals and groups that might be interested in writing friendly, meaningful letters to elders in aged care homes and senior citizen programs. Letters Against Isolation is ideal for: 

  • Library programming
  • Summer literacy activities
  • Foreign language studies
  • Volunteer from home initiatives
  • Card crafters
  • Neighborhood groups
  • Service organizations 
  • Team bonding activities
  • Writer groups
  • Seniors Helping Seniors
  • Classroom activities

Post and share our physical or digital FLYER:

  1. Community bulletin boards
  2. Libraries
  3. Book, stationery and craft stores
  4. School campuses
  5. Foreign language programs 
  6. Senior centers
  7. Service organizations 
  8. Youth volunteering programs

2024 flyer in PDF format

2024 flyer in JPG format

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Letters Against Isolation

Write friendly, personal letters in Italian to senior citizens in aged care homes and programs. Spread joy to someone in their native language!

  • Demonstrate empathy and kindness, connect with elders and help them realize that they are special and appreciated.
  • Supply your own stationery and ensure adequate postage to mail your letters, or arrange to hand-deliver them.
  • Your words will be read and cherished by elders who likely won’t have the physical ability or resources to respond to you.

  • This is a remote opportunity. You’ll volunteer from home on your own schedule as your own pace.

Get started whenever you're ready by registering on our website as an individual, student, or group. We offer a program for students and student clubs requesting verification of their letters for community service credit.

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