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Kurius is a nonprofit student organization that empowers students to change the world with technology. We offer free online courses, workshops, hackathons, and more to help students learn and apply coding skills to real-world problems. We are looking for passionate and talented individuals to join our team of executives to help us improve our impact.

If you are interested in any of the following positions, please fill out the corresponding Google form by December 11, 2023 and we will get back to you soon.

Logistics Team

Marketing Team

  • Marketing Director: Manage marketing team, develop, and implement marketing strategies. Monitor and evaluate marketing performance and impact. Apply here:
  • Marketing Coordinators: Create and distribute content for social media, newsletters, blogs, etc. Engage with our audience to increase online presence and visibility. Apply here:
  • Website Administrator: Maintain and update our website with current information and content. Work with the marketing team. Ensure that our website is user-friendly and accessible. Apply here:

Outreach Team

  • Outreach Director: Manage outreach team and build and maintain relationships with potential partners and sponsors. Identify and pursue new opportunities for member recruitment. Apply here:
  • Outreach Coordinators: Reach out to potential partners and sponsors and present our organization and events to them. Find and pursue opportunities to recruit new members. Apply here:
  • Sponsorship/Partnership Coordinators: Secure and manage event sponsorships and partnerships. Deliver benefits and recognition to sponsors and partners. Apply here:


  • Chief Financial Officer: Oversee and manage financial aspects. Prepare and present financial reports and budgets and ensure compliance with laws and regulations. Apply here:

Don’t miss this chance to join our amazing team! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Follow our Instagram at @kuriusmtl and join our Discord server for future updates:

Director (Member) - Board of Directors   Ajax  Brock  Clarington  Durham Region  Oshawa  Pickering  Scugog  Uxbridge  Whitby 
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Learning Essentials for Adults in Durham Region, Literacy and Basic Skills
Hybrid or remote.

Duration: LEADR’s Board of Directors serve a two-year term.

Required Commitments:  Board Members attend eight meetings per year, including LEADR’s Annual General Meeting, which is held in June. Meetings are not held in July, August or December.

Director Requirements: Directors are responsible for operating within a policy-oriented governance model, including strategic planning, discussing and voting on motions, delivering agreed upon action items, supporting all Board decisions, and the effectiveness of meetings.

Overview: Duties, Responsibilities and Time Commitment
- Attend eight Board meetings per year, including LEADR’s Annual General Meeting in June.
- Participate in a minimum of one committee or advisory group.
- Commit to approximately 4-6 hours of Board or committee related duties per month.

Board Participation
- Attend Board meetings; contribute expertise on a strategic, planning level, to support operational needs; advance agenda discussions and reach consensus.
- Assist with Board agreed upon, action items; ensuring items are completed, prior to the next meeting.
- Maintain a growth mindset, listening carefully, during discussions with opposing perspectives.
- Demonstrate high levels of professionalism and respect for others.
- Make informed and carefully considered decisions based on the needs of the organization and its long-term health.

Onboarding and Professional Development
- Complete LEADR’s mandatory, onboarding training (e.g., WHMIS, AODA, and Workplace Violence and Harassment) which includes approximately, 4-6 hours of online training.
- Participate in recommended (or required) professional development training as needed to support Board related duties.   

Volunteer Tutor (for Adult Learners)   Ajax  Brock  Clarington  Durham Region  Oshawa  Pickering  Scugog  Uxbridge  Whitby 
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Learning Essentials for Adults in Durham Region, Literacy and Basic Skills

●       Meet with an adult learner in person, remotely or hybrid, twice a week, to provide a 2-hour,  one-to-one, tutoring session.
●       Assist learners with developing their basic literacy skills (reading, writing, math or digital skills).
●       Record and briefly summarize learners activities at the end of each session.
●       Track learners’ progress; send updates to LEADR staff.
●       Help identify and implement learners’ milestones; provide timely updates to LEADR staff; and ensure proper documentation.

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Lakeridge Health

Do you want to help shape health care and have a voice in defining the services that matter most for residents in North Durham Region? Then join the North Durham Community Advisory Panel (CAP)!  

As volunteer advisors to the Lakeridge Health Board of Trustees, CAP members play an important role by sharing information between Lakeridge Health and the community; bringing forward community-specific concerns, questions, and suggestions; and offering input and advice to help improve the overall health and wellness of people in Durham Region and foster an accessible, inclusive, and equitable environment for all. 

To strengthen the diversity of the CAPs and support their work moving forward, the North Durham CAP is recruiting new members to reflect the populations living and working in the North Durham area. 

Visit Lakeridge Health’s website at to learn more and apply. The deadline for applications is January 2, 2024. 

Christmas Kettle Bell Ringer   Ajax  Durham Region  Pickering  Uxbridge 
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Salvation Army [The]

Volunteers are needed to be present with one of the Christmas Kettles (fundraising stands) in local businesses throughout Pickering and Ajax during the Christmas shopping season. Volunteer will greet people who are passing by and thank those who give. Volunteers need to be engaging and able to smile and speak with people as possible. Shifts are scheduled based on availability and needs as best as possible. Minimum 2hr shift. Longer and split shifts also available. Days, evenings and Saturdays available. Standing is encouraged but not mandatory. 

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Salvation Army (The), Whitby Family Services, Community and Family Services, Whitby Family Services
Various Grocery Stores throughout Whitby

Stand at a kettle location throughout Whitby * Be friendly, respectful and polite to all donors and passersby * Smile, make eye contact, and try to make a connection with as many potential donors as possible. 

Swim with a Buddy   Ajax  Brock  Clarington  Durham Region  Oshawa  Pickering  Scugog  Uxbridge  Whitby 
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BGC Durham

Swim with a Buddy Volunteers will help young children become comfortable in the water. 

Swim with a Buddy takes place every Friday evening beginning January 12th at our Eastview location -- 433 Eulalie Ave., Oshawa.

Volunteers must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 14 years of age
  • Provide 2 references (neither can be from family members)
  • Able to swim and comfortable in the water
  • Commit to a schedule based on volunteer's availability
  • Volunteers over 18 years old require a Vulnerable Sector check

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